HeMan , a Recruitment Consultancy based in Doha, Qatar with strong networking and subsidiary offices throughout the world. We cater to the needs of a vast sector of industries, which includes Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Civil, Electromechanical, Security Services, Telecommunication, Hospitality, Medical & Healthcare. We recruit highly trained technical multinational staffs and other professionals in response to the requirements of various companies all over the world. HeMan offers great opportunities and we pride ourselves on our ability to match the needs of both our applicants as well as the clients. We are confident that our wide range of expertise and flexibility in the business will bring you the most dynamic recruitment services. Our recruitment approach reaches out to wide pool of candidates. We adhere to the fundamental requirements of active recruitment based on specific job requirements as required by the client.

With its two decades of experience in supply of Technical Staff in the Oil and Gas Sector as a part of Qatar’s self sufficient sustainable initiative, HeMan has now extended its services towards Provision of HealthCare Staffing in the Public and Private Sector with the Launch of HEMAN MIDDLE EAST NURSING SERVICES .

HeMan Middle East Nursing Services provides Nursing and Allied Health Care Professionals in the State of Qatar.


Our Vision is to be a Premier Provider of Healthcare Professionals for the Industrial, Government and Private Sectors in the State of Qatar.


The core of our business is our commitment to the Provision of exceptional, personalized Health Care services specifically in the Nursing Sector. High level of quality control and customer satisfaction is our Objective with the aim of being the leading source with Qatar’s industrial, government and private sectors.